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Ori Ackerman

The studio was established out of a great love for photography and in the perpetual aspiration to deliver the best product with a top-quality finish, and to provide my clients with a sales, advertising and display tool of an especially high standard.

Since 1995 the studio has served a great many clients, some of which are at the forefront of Israeli industry. Every client and project receives the unique attention they deserve.

The studio is furnished with the world's most advanced equipment, affording a broad variety of photography in a number of different photographic and digital processing styles.


After many years' experience as both a commercial photographer and a lecturer at the Wizo Haifa Academy of Design and Education, I developed the PLC (Post-Production Light Composing) method, a unique technique that combines photography and digital processing to deliver maximum visibility in terms of colorfulness, texture and lighting, as my photography gallery demonstrates.


What drives me is the privilege of being involved in a daily process of creation, the possibility of displaying my work in street galleries, on billboards and in local and international magazines and catalogues, and in exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

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